Adapter and Charging

Adapter and Charging

Prepare to power up using the right adapter in Korea.

The Rundown

  • Power outlets in South Korea have 2 round holes (Type C or F).
  • The standard voltage is 220 volts at 60 hertz.
  • If you're set on buying an adapter in Korea, prepare around ₩10,000 (around ₱500 or $9.27).

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Where to Get an Adapter in South Korea


You will easily find a suitable plug adapter in any convenience store inside the airport or in the city. They usually sell it for ₩10,000 (around ₱500 or $9.27)give or take.

You may also rent one out from your host or hotel. Some would lease it for free, although you might have to put down a deposit of around ₩8,000 (₱350 or $7.4).

Charging in the Airport

Did you Netflix your way to South Korea and lost precious battery life? Don't worry, there are several complimentary charging stations you can use inside the airport. 

Charging in Cafés

Most cafés in South Korea have a reasonable number of sockets. If you plan to work or lounge around with your devices for 5-6 hours, running out of battery should not be a concern.


It's a known fact that some phones just die in the cold, like the iPhone. If you take one out especially during winter, you will most likely find its battery life diminishing quickly. Which means no selfies or scenic snaps. Which means your Instagram followers will be left hanging. So be prepared. Always bring your portable power bank with you or you might have to run to a nearby cafe to revive your phone.

Expert Guide

If you want to be completely sure about adapters in South Korea, you will find more information here.

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