Everyone's Connected with This Pocket Wifi in Korea

Everyone's Connected with This Pocket Wifi in Korea

The KT Olleh Pocket Wifi in Korea is the best connectivity device for your squad. Easily book or check the rental rates here.

The Rundown

  • Renting the KT Olleh 4G South Korea Pocket Wifi is recommended if you're traveling with friends or family.

  • Unlike other plans, the KT Olleh Wifi Egg offers unlimited data for a daily rate of around ₱400 or $7.60, if not discounted. You can check today’s rates here.

  • If you're a solo traveler going to Korea, you can also opt to get this pocket Wifi instead of a data SIM card.

  • If you’re looking for an alternative South Korea portable Wifi that can connect more devices (up to 5), click here.

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Best Pocket Wifi for Korea

The KT Olleh 4G Portable Wifi Egg offers unlimited data and is recommended to those traveling with friends or family. It can connect to up to three (3) devices at a time, charges on a per-day basis, and works anywhere in South Korea. Its maximum speeds are 50 Mbps for upload and 150 Mbps for download. You can easily order the KT Olleh pocket Wifi for Korea here

Image credit:  Koreainfo

Image credit: Koreainfo

To help you decide if you want to get this South Korea pocket Wifi device from KT Olleh. here are some customer reviews that we found from its online booking page:

‘Pick-up and return were both fast and efficient. The best wifi service. I went to cities outside seoul and it worked perfectly…Battery lasted about 8+ hours every day…’

4G KT Olleh Pocket Wifi for Korea: Review

‘Easy to redeem at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1…cheaper [compared] to Sim. Unlimited data, no capping. Signal is strong even at the subway…’

4G KT Olleh South Korea Pocket Wifi: Review

‘[They asked for] my credit card, [swiped] it just for guarantee, [but]…[14 days after i returned the wifi to the counter,] no transaction done with my credit card. the wifi 100% charged at 7am, and im using it till 8pm…’

4G KT Olleh South Korea Pocket Wifi: Klook Review

How to Get a Pocket Wifi in Korea

Before reading further, make sure that you have a valid credit card before making the purchase. The operator of the KT Olleh Pocket Wifi activity is unable to accept cash or debit cards for the required deposit. You must have a credit card under your name with more than three (3) months validity.

Screengrab from  Klook

Screengrab from Klook

Follow these steps to book a pocket Wifi for your Korea trip online:

  1. Click here to go to the South Korea pocket Wifi booking page.

  2. Select the number of days you'll rent the device out.

  3. Choose your pick-up and drop-off points. The locations do not have to be the same.

  4. Confirm your purchase of the pocket Wifi in Korea by paying with your Visa or Mastercard (credit, debit, or prepaid cards), PayPal, or cash (if you’re a user from the Philippines). Once the transaction goes through, you will receive an email confirmation and voucher.

Unlike the unlimited data SIM card which is limited to 1, 5, 10, and 30-day options, pocket Wifi devices give you the freedom to customize the duration of the plan. Just make sure that the number of days you select covers your entire trip. (There is a charge of at least ₩8,800 for each day the item is returned late.)

Take note that day charges are calculated inclusively. This means that if you'll arrive in South Korea on Monday, Feb. 5 and depart on Wednesday, Feb. 7, you should rent the KT Olleh Wifi egg for 3 days and not two (2).

Expect to receive a confirmation email and voucher instantly after booking. In case you do not receive an email from Klook, check your Spam folder.

Where to Redeem Your Pocket Wifi for Korea

Pocket Wifi Pick-up stations at Incheon International Airport. Image credit:  Klook

Pocket Wifi Pick-up stations at Incheon International Airport. Image credit: Klook

Here are the pick-up and drop-off points for your booked pocket Wifi in Korea:

  • Incheon International Airport

    • 1/F Gate 6-7 (open 24/7)

    • 1/F Gate 8-9 (7am-9pm)

    • 1/F Gate 10-11 (6am-10pm)

  • Incheon International Airport Terminal 2

    • 1/F Gate 2-3 (open 24/7)

  • Gimhae International Airport (Busan)

    • 1/F Gate 3 (6am-10pm daily)

  • Busan Harbor International Passenger Terminal

    • 2/F Gate 4 (6:30am-7:30pm daily)

  • Gimpo International Airport (Seoul)

    • 1/F Gate 1 (7am-11pm daily)

To pick up the device, prepare your Klook voucher (print-out or mobile), passport, and the credit card under your name (which should be valid in the next 3 months from the date of pick-up). Presenting a credit card is necessary since it will be used for incidentals, should you incur any during your trip. Cash or debit cards will not be accepted.

According to Klook, the credit card that you will use upon claiming your pocket Wifi in Korea will be charged ₩1,004 (around ₱47 or $0.89) initially. This amount will be returned once your credit card has been verified.

The following are the costs of incidentals for your pocket Wifi device in Korea:

  • Late return of the KT Olleh Pocket Wifi: ₩8,800 per day (around ₱420)

  • Loss or damage to battery: at least 30,000

  • Loss or damage to charger: at least 10,000

Please take note that the rates may change depending on the model availed.

WIDEMOBILE — Alternative South Korea Pocket Wifi Option

If you're looking for more pocket Wifi options in Korea, you may also consider WIDEMOBILE. The 4G/LTE WIDEMOBILE Portable Wifi Device is recommended if you're traveling with a larger group since it can connect up to five (5) devices!

🏷 DAILY RENTAL RATES of 4G/LTE WIDEMOBILE Portable Wifi Device: ₱216 or $4.06, if not discounted!

  • Widemobile Pocket Wifi Korea data speed: 4G LTE 100 Mbps (802.11 b/g/n)

  • Data limit: 1GB per day at 4G data speed. Reduction of speed at 3G when you consume more than 1GB.

  • Battery life of this South Korea Wifi egg: 9 hours when fully charged

  • Maximum number of connected devices: up to five (5) devices


  • If you redeem and start using your pocket Wifi in Korea at 11pm, you will already be charged for one day even if you used it only from 11pm-11:59pm.

  • For offline or over-the-counter transactions, you can walk up to any KT Roaming Center listed above. Only downside of not purchasing from Klook is that you will miss out on any online savings and you will have to fill out a form at the counter.

  • Check here if there are any promo codes that you can apply to get even more discounts for your rental of the KT Olleh or WIDEMOBILE pocket Wifi devices in Korea.

  • The pocket Wifi devices will last for about 5-8 hours following a single charge. Connecting multiple devices will speed up battery consumption.

  • Always carry the KT Olleh Wifi Egg's charger so you can power up. Take note that charging time is approximately 4 hours.

  • To know about sockets and charging in Korea, also read: What You Need to Know About Plugs and Adapters in South Korea

  • Refunds will be issued for cancellations made at least 48 hours prior to redemption.

Pocket Wifi vs. SIM Cards in South Korea

Data plans for the KT Olleh prepaid SIM Card in Korea is limited to 1, 5, 10, and 30 days, whereas you get to pick the duration of rent for the Wifi egg.

If you or any of your group member do not possess a valid credit card, you can always avail a data SIM card (does not require a credit card!) and use it as a mobile hotspot.

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For more information about pocket Wifi devices in Korea and the KT Olleh Wifi egg, visit KT's site here.

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