Stay Connected in Korea: SIM Card by KT Olleh

Stay Connected in Korea: SIM Card by KT Olleh

This is an unlimited data SIM card in Korea that will get you online for 1, 5, 10, or 30 days. Get yours here for a discounted price.

The Rundown

  • If you'll travel solo, get an unlimited data SIM card in South Korea. It'll save you from your fear of missing out.

  • The 4G LTE KT Olleh SIM card can offer fast, unlimited, and strong connection for 1, 5, 10, or 30 days. Check the rate plans of the KT Olleh SIM card for Korea here.

  • Pick-up and set-up will be a breeze, and expect the data connection to blow your mind.

  • Alternatively, if you’re traveling from Hong Kong, Thailand, or Malaysia, you may also get a roaming SIM card for Korea in your respective home airports. Click on the country link to see more details.

  • If you have installed a South Korea SIM card on your phone before, there's a special instruction for you in the TIPS! section below.

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Why get a data SIM card in Korea?

Sure, there will be lots of public hotspots and Wifi-enabled cafes in South Korea. Your hotel or AirBNB host would also provide you internet access. But most of your time will be spent outdoors, googling your way to the next destination, and sharing about your experiences on social media. For these reasons alone, it's wise to invest in a Korea SIM card for apps like your browser, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Waze, or what have you.

With a data SIM card in Korea, you will also be able to make online calls and texts through social apps like WhatsApp, Kakao, Messenger, and Viber. There's no need to buy this prepaid SIM plan that includes voice and text messaging, unless you'd need to make outgoing calls to a local/international number.

Why get the KT Olleh SIM card in Korea?

Unboxing at Incheon Airport. Kind of.

Unboxing at Incheon Airport. Kind of.

It's what I got, and I am highly satisfied. With the 4G LTE KT Olleh SIM Card, I was able to connect to the internet for emails, video calls, streaming, navigation, and social media. I didn’t have to worry about any data caps since KT Olleh’s plan is unlimited. Their SIM card is also reasonably priced and easy to install. (I sound like a very eager salesman, but I am just a happy customer!)

The KT Olleh SIM card also offers a very strong and reliable internet connection. Unlike some users who reported a decrease in speed after the third day of their data usage, my experience with KT Olleh was smooth all throughout. Fortunately, I did not notice any lags even after using it for work and leisure for seven (7) days.

However, if there's one thing that I wish this unlimited SIM card in Korea would offer, that would be a plan for 15 days. Some travelers do spend around 2 weeks in South Korea, so having this option would be more preferable than the 30-day KT Olleh Korea SIM card package. 

More Customer Reviews: KT Olleh SIM Card for Korea

But don’t just take my word for it! Here are some of the feedback that we’ve found from the KT Olleh SIM card in Korea online booking page:

‘Hassle-free collection. Just get a queue number and collect your SIM from the KT booth. Unlimited data and easy installation. Comes with a pin to unlock the phone too.’

‘Easy to redeem at Incheon airport. My sisters use this as a hotspot but still fast connection. Worth the money…I recommend this SIM card over pocket wifi if you dont want to carry another gadget…

How to Buy the KT Olleh SIM Card for Your Korea Trip

Easily pick up your Korea SIM card at Incheon International Airport! Screengrab from  Klook

Easily pick up your Korea SIM card at Incheon International Airport! Screengrab from Klook

  • PRICE: ₱1,260 or $24.4 for the 5-day plan, without the discount

  • Includes one (1) KT Olleh Data SIM card (nano/micro/normal size)

  • Unlimited 4G/LTE data connection (with no reduction of speed)

  • 120 hours validity

  • Free for incoming voice calls and incoming text messages

If you’ve trimmed down your connectivity option to a data SIM card, you can easily get the KT Olleh unlimited data plan by following the steps below:

  1. Open the listing for the KT Olleh SIM card here.

  2. Select the number of days that you’d want unlimited data in Korea for.

    • Choose between 1, 5, 10, and 30 days (Data Only).

  3. Choose the date of pick-up and quantity.

  4. Enter your passport details and select your pick-up location.

  5. Pay for your KT Olleh SIM card in Korea via PayPal, Visa or Mastercard (prepaid, debit, or credit), or cash.

Where to Pick Up Your KT Olleh SIM Card in Korea

Here’s a video that’ll show you where you can pick up your booked KT Olleh SIM card at the Incheon International Airport (Do subscribe to our Youtube channel for more content!):

Once your booking goes through, you will instantly receive an email confirmation and voucher from Klook, which you will have to present along with your passport when you're ready to pick up your SIM. It's that simple. (You can either show a printed or mobile voucher to claim.)

Here is the list of KT Olleh Roaming Centers where you can pick up your data SIM card:

  • Incheon International Airport

    • 1/F Gate 6-7 (open 24/7)

    • 1/F Gate 8-9 (7am-9pm)

    • 1/F Gate 10-11 (6am-10pm)

  • Incheon International Airport Terminal 2

    • 1/F Gate 2-3 (open 24/7)

  • Gimhae International Airport (Busan)

    • 1/F Gate 3 (6am-10pm daily)

  • Busan Harbor International Passenger Terminal

    • 2/F Gate 4 (6:30am-7:30pm daily)

  • Gimpo International Airport (Seoul)

    • 1/F Gate 1 (7am-11pm daily)

The KT Olleh SIM card kit that you will receive will come with an instruction manual. It'll say that you're supposed to restart your phone and wait for a few minutes before it gathers the signal. In my experience, I only had to restart my phone once and waited roughly around 3 minutes.

Alternative South Korea SIM Card Options

If you’re traveling from Hong Kong, Malaysia, or Bangkok, you may also buy, collect, or have your roaming SIM card mailed to you by booking any of the following:

Buying a Korea SIM card Offline

Alternatively, you can purchase an unlimited data SIM card in Korea without ordering online. Just walk up to any bookstore, convenience store, or any of the KT Olleh Roaming centers listed above. The only downside of not buying from Klook is that you will have to fill out an application form (hassle!) and you'll miss out on the discount, which is usually around ₱130 or $2.5.


  • Verify if your phone is unlocked and compatible with the KT Olleh SIM card. If it isn't, visit your carrier store or a phone repair stall.

  • To verify if your phone is compatible with a KT Olleh data SIM, check out the product listing from the link provided above or click here for a third-party SIM checker.

  • There's a pin at the pick-up counter that you can use to eject your phone's SIM card drawer.

  • Your KT Olleh data SIM card in Korea must be activated on the redemption date. The day count starts when you redeem it, not when you actually use it (e.g. the next day).

  • With a SIM card in Korea, you can also use your phone as a mobile hotspot to connect all your other devices. I was able to connect my laptop and tablet seamlessly.

  • After use, you may bring your SIM card back to your home country as a souvenir. There's no need to return.

  • If you have used any Korean SIM card on the same phone previously, dial *#06# and take note of the numbers that will show. You will need this when you order and get your SIM over the counter when you arrive at the airport. Do not book online!

  • If you booked this activity but have previously used a SIM card in Korea for the same phone, you may not be able to activate the card. If you fail to activate the card at the counter, please contact Klook to get a full refund.


To know more about this SIM card in South Korea, you can visit KT Olleh's website here

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