Malaysia Guide: South Korea Tourist Visa Application

Malaysia Guide: South Korea Tourist Visa Application

Check out the requirements for Malaysian travelers seeking to visit Korea.

The Rundown

  • The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Malaysia process visa applications for Malaysian citizens, Malaysian permanent residents (or MyPR card holders), and foreigners who are long-term residents in Malaysia.

  • Procedure begins with filling out the e-Form (visa application) at the Korea Visa Portal.

  • Link to the guidelines for the visa-free entry to Korea for Malaysians is found in the TIPS! section below.

  • Short-term single-entry Korean visa application in Malaysia costs RM 160.

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South Korea Tourist Visa Requirements: Malaysia

Han river.

Han river.

Here are the commonly required documents listed on  the website of The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Malaysia:

  1. Completed e-Form printed with the barcode from the Korea Visa Portal and properly signed by the applicant

  2. One (1) recent passport-sized photo with white background (35mm x 45mm)

  3. Original passport and its photocopy (main page)

  4. Copy of MyKad or copy of MyPR card or copy of Malaysian long-term passes (current and previous

  5. Flight itinerary (Outbound flight itinerary must be included for those applying for all C-type visas)

Note that the Embassy reserves the right to request for additional requirements if necessary.

Visa application submission procedure are as follows;

  • Step 1: Fill out e-Form here and submit it to the Korea VisaPortal (Click here for the manual.)

  • Step 2: Print out the completed e-Form from the Korea Visa Portal, sign it, and submit the e-Form along with the required documents and fees to the Visa Counter at the Embassy during its operation hours.

  • Step 3: Visit the Visa Counter again during its operation hours on the assigned date written on the receipt to collect your passport.

Note: A proxy may visit the Embassy on behalf of the applicant during submission of application and collection of passport, EXCEPT when the applicant is a maid/domestic helper. Proxy will need to bring his/her own passport OR MyKad OR MyPR card, (original and copy). Maid/domestic helper must visit the Embassy personally with the employer during the submission of application.

Eligible South Korea Tourist Visa Applicants in Malaysia

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Malaysia process visa applications for the following:

  • Malaysian citizens (MyKad holders)

  • Malaysian permanent residents (MyPR card holders)

    • Including those holding Certificate of Identity (brown color) issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia

  • Foreign citizens who are long-term residents in Malaysia

    • Must hold long-term pass* to stay in Malaysia with current validity not less than 6 months

    • Must have stayed in Malaysia continuously for the past one year with this long-term pass

    • For Student Pass holders:

      • Must be enrolled in diploma or higher program at an accredited tertiary education institute (Those studying language, certificate and foundation courses are not eligible)

    • For Temporary Employment Visitor pass holders working as maid/domestic helper:

      • Eligible to apply only when traveling together with the employer who requires assistance for him/herself or assistance for traveling with children/parents.

Note: Long-term pass is defined as a pass issued for a stay of one-year or longer in Malaysia. i.e. residence pass, Professional Visitor’s pass, Student pass, Long Term Social Visit pass, Employment pass, or Temporary Employment Visitor’s pass


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  • Click here to know about the details of the double-entry visa for South Korea.

  • Guidelines for visa-entry to Korea for Malaysians may be found here.

  • Special entry arrangements for visiting Jeju island may be found here.

Visa Application Fees

Here are the visa fees applicable for various visa types:

  1. Single-entry Short-term Korean Visa (up to 90 days): RM 160

  2. Single-entry Long-term Korean Visa (more than 90 days): RM 240

  3. Double-entry Korean Visa: RM 280

  4. Multiple-entry Korean Visa: RM 360

Application is payable by cash upon submission of application.

Operation Hours

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Malaysia follows the schedule below:

  • Submission and inquiry: 08:30am – 11:30am Monday – Friday, except Embassy holidays

  • Collection: 03:00pm – 04:00pm Monday – Friday, except Embassy holidays

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