How To Fill Out: South Korea Visa Application Form

How To Fill Out: South Korea Visa Application Form

Here's a visual guide to help you accomplish the South Korea Visa Application form.


The Rundown

  • Download and print the South Korea visa application form on A4-size paper.

  • Accomplish the form by hand or electronically (computerized).

  • Never leave any items blank. For those that are irrelevant to you, use N/A.

  • Write in BLOCK letters, as in all caps.

  • Use a (check mark) for items with multiple selection.

  • You may fill out the Korean visa application form in English or Korean.

  • If you'd like to download our full annotated sample of South Korea visa application form, click here.

  • You're very welcome.

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September 12, 2019

  • The Embassy announced a change in their processing period for tourist and business visa applications. Find the details here.

August 27, 2019

  • The South Korea ‘Express Visa’ will no longer be available starting September 9, 2019. Full details here.

August 20, 2019

  • Effective August 22, 2019, the South Korea visa processing period for Filipino tourists (as well as others covered by the C-3 category) will increase from seven (7) business days to ten (10) business days. This applies for both first-time and frequent travelers. You can find the official notice here.

Korean Visa Application Form

Download your Korean visa application form (PDF or Word versions available), then print on A4-size papers.

How to Fill Out the South Korea Visa Application Form

(Note that the text in the following screenshots have text in RED for emphasis only.)

1. Personal Details

  • Photo: Go to a nearby studio and avail of their South Korea Visa package (I spent ₱100 for this). Your face in the photo should be neutral, which means you are not supposed to smile. Also, the picture should be taken within the last 6 months. Attach the photo in the form.

  • Item 1.1: Write your name as shown in your passport

  • Item 1.2: Indicate N/A if you don't have a Chinese name

  • Item 1.4: For dates, use this format: YYYY/MM/DD (i.e. 2019/01/15)

  • Item 1.7: N/A

In case you're unsure, you're supposed to skip the 'For Official Use Only' part.

2. Passport Information

  • Item 2.1: Tick 'Regular'

  • Items 2.2-2.6: Copy the information from your Passport.

  • Items 2.7: No, if you don't have any other valid passport.

3. Contact Information

4. Marital Status and Family Details

Tick the box that applies to you.

5. Education

6. Employment

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7. Details of Visit

  • Item 7.1: Put a check on Tourism/Transit

  • Item 7.2: Indicate the number of days you're planning to stay in South Korea. As noted in this article, make sure that your bank statements show that you can support yourself during the entire trip.

  • Item 7.3: Should be within 3 months following the date of your application. If you'll apply on February 15, 2018, your intended date of entry should not be beyond May 15, 2018.

  • Item 7.4: Indicate where you plan to stay. You don't need to have any reservations for an Airbnb or hotel room at this point. Moreover, a proof of booking is not required in the application.

  • Item 7.5: Write your current mobile number.

  • Item 7.6: Indicate if you’ve visited Korea in the past 5 years.

  • Item 7.7: List all the countries you have visited as tourist or lived in for leisure, temporary residence, or work. There's no need to include your layovers.

  • Item 7.8: If you're traveling with any of your spouse, children, parents, and/or siblings, write down their details. If you need more space, use a separate sheet. If you're traveling with your friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend, you don't have to include their name/s here.

8. Details of Sponsor

A sponsor can be a Korean, foreign resident in Korea, company, or institute who is going to fund your trip. Skip this part if you don't have anyone sponsoring you.

9. Funding Details

  • Item 9.1: Again, your estimate travel cost should be enough for your intended period of stay. Logically, your estimate should also not be more than the amount of money shown in your bank certificates and statements. Furthermore, your answer should be in US Dollars.

Here we list down some of the must-have travel items and tours that you may want to include in your budget when filling out this part of the South Korea visa application form. (Listed below are estimate of the base rates only; actual discounted rates may be viewed through the links provided.)

Get your pocket Wifi for Korea  here . Screengrab from  Klook .

Get your pocket Wifi for Korea here. Screengrab from Klook.

  1. Connectivity

  2. Transportation

  3. Attractions

To get an estimate on food and accommodation expenses, read: Count the Cost: Budget Tips for Your South Korea Trip

10. Assistance with this Form

11. Declaration

Affix the date and your signature. If you are under 17 years old, let one of your parents sign for you.


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Stay Connected in Korea: SIM Card by KT Olleh

UPDATE: Travel Agencies to Process Korea Tourist Visa Applications Starting July 1

UPDATE: Travel Agencies to Process Korea Tourist Visa Applications Starting July 1