Connect and Go with this EasyCard Taiwan Combo!

Connect and Go with this EasyCard Taiwan Combo!

To save money, get the 4G data SIM card + EasyCard Taiwan combo here.

The Rundown

  • The EasyCard in Taiwan is a contactless smart card that travelers can use to pay for their fares in the MRT (Taipei Mass Rapid Transit) and buses in Greater Taipei Area.

  • If you’re planning to explore the country, this transport card can also be used for island-wide public modes of transportation, such as the Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Railways, and Blue Ferry, among others.

  • The EasyCard can also be used for small-value purchases in convenience stores and select restaurants.

  • Check the rates of the EasyCard combo here.

  • Don’t forget to book your tickets to the Taipei 101 Observatory! Check the price and availability here.

  • This feature is part of our BEYOND ManilaxSeoul series, which provides tips and recommendations to travelers going beyond Manila and Seoul.

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Travel like a local in Taiwan with your EasyCard

Meet BeBe — he’ll make traveling in Taiwan easy! Image credit:  悠遊卡 EasyCard

Meet BeBe — he’ll make traveling in Taiwan easy! Image credit: 悠遊卡 EasyCard

Going places in Taiwan? If your itinerary includes attractions like the National Palace Museum and various night markets, you’ll best hop in and out of these sites using one of the country’s popular transportation cards — the EasyCard. This is a smart lifestyle essential that offers locals and tourists the convenience of not having to find loose change to pay for single-journey bus or train tickets, similar to the T-Money in Korea and Octopus Card in Hong Kong. It’s also enabled for small-value payments in certain convenience stores and restaurants that bear the EasyCard Taiwan logo, which can be seen in the card held by BeBe, the hamster elf.

Here are some more benefits of having a Taiwan EasyCard in your pocket:

  • You’ll get cheaper train and bus fares if you use your EasyCard (vs. buying single-journey tickets!)

  • Upon arrival and after picking up your booked EasyCard, you can use it take the Taoyuan Airport MRT in Taoyuan International Airport to go to Taipei Main Station (takes less than an hour!).

  • You can use also this transportation card to pay for your fares in the following network: Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Railways, intercity coach services, YouBike, and Blue Ferry!

  • Purchase items at 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK MART, and Simple Mart.

  • If you’ll do some grocery shopping, you can also use your EasyCard in Market Place by Jasons and Wellcome, among others.

  • For some retail shopping, bring the same card in Muji, Caves Books, Saiyukan, and Daiso, among other stores.

  • Feeling thirsty or hungry? Go cashless when you visit Starbucks, Subway, CoCo, Cold Stone Creamery, 85°C Bakery Cafe, Ikari Coffee, KOI, Peter Better Cafe, and more!

  • You can also enter Taipei Zoo, Lihpao Resort, Taipei Children’s Amusement Park, Bada Forest Paradise, and more with the Taiwan EasyCard!

How to get a Taiwan EasyCard

EasyCard standard design. Image credit:  悠遊卡 EasyCard

EasyCard standard design. Image credit: 悠遊卡 EasyCard

To get an EasyCard for your Taiwan trip, you currently have two online booking options:

OPTION 1: EasyCard + 4G SIM Card Combo

If you’re looking for ways to cut down on costs, you can get the combo package that includes one (1) EasyCard and one (1) 4G SIM card with unlimited data that’s valid for 5 or 8 days!

🏷 PRICE of EasyCard and 4G SIM Card Combo: starts at ₱665 or $12.8, if no discount is applied!

  • Pick-up locations and hours:

    • Terminal 1, Arrival Hall: Unite Traveler Service Counter 1. Open 24/7.

    • Terminal 2, Arrival Hall: Unite Traveler Service Counter 1. Open 24/7.

  • The card’s design makes it the perfect Taiwan souvenir!

OPTION 2: Just the EasyCard

If you’ve already booked your SIM card or pocket Wifi, you may opt to just get the EasyCard. No other strings attached.

🏷 PRICE of EasyCard: ₱165 or $3.2, if no discount is applied!

If you’re unfamiliar with using Klook, here are the steps for buying:

  1. Sign up for an account here.

  2. Go to the EasyCard booking page. Here’s the link.

  3. Select your pick-up date, package type, and quantity.

  4. Proceed to check-out and pay with card (credit, debit, and prepaid) or cash via DragonPay, if you’re from the Philippines.

  5. Wait for your confirmation and EasyCard Taiwan voucher.


Before you read on further, be sure to watch this fun train commute video guide from WAUG — the #1 Travel Activity Booking App! You can also view their nicely-curated (and discounted!) Taiwan activities and tours here.

How to top up or recharge your EasyCard

To get some load or credits on your EasyCard, head on over to 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK Mart, and I-MEI Foods. You can also ask for a top-up at the Information Centers located at each station of the Taipei Metro and Taoyuan Metro.

You can also use the ticket vending and add-value machines found at Taipei Metro stations, Taoyuan Metro stations, and Kuo Kuang Bus stations (bus stations at the East Gate of Taipei Main Station, Nangang Transfer Station, Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1, and Taoyuan Airport Terminal 2).

Here’s a nice video that’ll show you how to reload your EasyCard:

Taiwan Transportation Fares: How much to top up?

To help you find out how much money to add to your EasyCard, here are some key transportation fare notes that may help you with your budgeting:

  • MRT Fares - NT$20 (around ₱33 or $0.6) for travel distances of 5km or less. Additional NT$5 (around ₱8 or $0.2) for every 3km traveled thereafter, i.e. NT$25 for 5-8km and NT$50 for 20-23km or less.

  • Bus Fare - varies by segment, but most travelers only pay for one-segment ride, which costs NT$15 (around ₱25 or $0.6). Two-segment rides cost NT$30 and three-segment rides costs NT$45.

If you’d like to get a good estimate of your Taiwan transportation costs, you may want to access the Trip Planner in this website. You can also check out the official Taiwan transportation fare matrix here (PDF file below the trip planner).

How to use the EasyCard in Taiwan

Using the EasyCard in the MRT is — wait for it — easy! Just pass the card over the EasyCard sensor until you hear a sound (when the gate beeps, BeBe will be happy, as noted on the EasyCard site here! LOL). For buses, just swipe the card over the reader’s sensor. Same goes for paying at most retail stores.

Here are other usage notes from the official EasyCard Taiwan website:

  • Pass the card over the EasyCard sensor area without waving it.

  • Users should pay attention to the balance displayed on the screen. If the amount stored is not enough, reload your EasyCard first before use.

  • EasyCards can be used for purchases of up to NT$1,000 at designated retailers once, up to a maximum of NT$3,000 per day. However, this limit does not apply to payment of transport services (including the Maokong Gondola or public bikes) and parking fees.

  • The EasyCard should avoid exposure to high temperature, bend, wear or cutting damage.

  • Please do not swipe multiple cards over the EasyCard sensor area at the same time to avoid poor reaction or repeated deductions.

  • Please do not place your Easy Cards in Taiwan near metal products.

  • If users swipe the card too swiftly or far away from a card reader, please wait for a moment and pass it over again.

  • If you pass the EasyCard that’s inside a bag, please note that its thickness should not exceed 5cm. You should let the bag gently touch the sensor area.

How to get a refund for your Taiwan EasyCard Balance

The amount you paid for the EasyCard is not refundable. However, you can get a refund for balance of your EasyCard at any Taipei Metro counter, Taoyuan Metro counter, or EasyCard service center. The balance will be returned in cash after recycling the card and deducting an operation fee of NT$20. (Free operation fee if the card has been used at least 5 times in 3 months).

Other Taiwan Essentials Worth Booking

Aside from the Taiwan EasyCard, you may also want to check out the following items to make your Taipei trip (and other cities!) more convenient and enjoyable:


  • Wanna get an estimate cost for your Taiwan trip? Check out this Youtube video by our friends from PATAR TV!

  • To find out other Taiwan transport pass options, click here.

  • Want to book a Taoyuan Airport private transfer? Check this out.

FAQ: EasyCard Taiwan

1. How do the Taipei Metro, Taoyuan Metro, and Taiwan High-Speed Rail trains differ?

The Taipei Metro basically covers only Taipei, while the Taoyuan Metro runs from Taoyuan to select cities. The Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR) trains are the express-type that covers the major cities. You can learn more about the THSR here.

2. How much is an EasyCard in Taiwan? Where else can I get one?

If you’re not buying online, expect to pay around ₱170 or $3.3 for one (1) EasyCard. Unlike the online option, you may not get a discount for your purchase. You can get one at a metro station or convenience store in Taiwan.

That’s all, folks!

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