Missing Your ITR? Here's a Sample Cover Letter for Your Japan Visa Application

Missing Your ITR? Here's a Sample Cover Letter for Your Japan Visa Application

Want to apply for a Japan visa but missing a requirement? You may opt to write a cover letter.

The Rundown

  • If you'd like to apply for a Japan tourist visa and have no ITR to present, write a letter of explanation. A sample is provided below.

  • You may also draft a cover letter if there’s some information about you that you think may affect the outcome of your Japan visa application.

  • Do note that while submitting a cover letter can help explain your circumstance or background, it does not automatically guarantee approval of your application.

  • If you decide to write one, make sure to print it on an A4-size paper.

  • After writing your letter of explanation, do check out some recommended Japan tours here.

  • This feature is part of our BEYOND ManilaxSeoul series, which provides tips and recommendations to travelers going beyond Manila and Seoul.

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Sample & Guide: How to Write a Cover Letter for your Japan Visa Application

If, for some reason, you are unable to comply with a Japan visa requirement like the Income Tax Return or ITR, you may write a short letter of explanation that’s addressed to the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. Here’s a sample that you may also use as a template (note that I’ve labeled the paragraphs using the alphabets A-D for easy reference):


Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
2627 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, 1300
Metro Manila, Philippines

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing this letter to explain why I am unable to present an Income Tax Return (ITR) for my visa application. 

I just started work as a freelance editor two months ago, and I have yet to process my ITR. However, my target date to secure this document is on April 2019.

For your reference, I have attached my work orders and contracts in the next page. I also included my bank certificate and statements in this application to show the steady income that I am receiving from my clients.

With my remote work and freelance set-up, I have made it a lifestyle to travel. I have been to South Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia in the last 5 years, where I spent time doing leisurely activities. This year, I hope to explore Tokyo for 5 days, if given a single-entry Japan tourist visa. 

Thank you for reviewing my application.

Respectfully yours,

Your name

Let’s break down the cover letter above:

A. LETTER INTRODUCTION. Inform why you're writing this letter, i.e. because you are missing the ITR. The goal is to let the visa officer know from the very beginning your reason for writing. (He or she reads a lot of letters, so go straight to the point!)

B. REASON & INTENT. Briefly explain in 1-3 sentences why you’re missing the requirement, and let them know that you will undertake steps to obtain the lacking documents in the future.

C. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS. Since you’re unable to supply a requirement, show them other documents that you do have. This will let the visa officer know that you have solid ties with your clients and that you have a solid financial capacity to fund your Japan trip.

D. PURPOSE OF TRAVEL. Here you want to talk about your travel history and your intent to travel to Japan as a tourist. If it’s your first time traveling ever, you may want to add specifics of your travel purpose, i.e. it’s your dream to go to Osaka for Universal Studios Japan or want to experience Japanese culture even just for three days. Remember to keep it short and sweet!



Before you read on further, be sure to check out this fun Universal Studios Japan travel video from WAUG — the #1 Travel Activity Booking App! You can also view their nicely-curated (and discounted!) Japan activities and tours here.

  • Speaking of Universal Studios, check out the price of the one-day admission ticket here.

  • Get your Japan travel cards! If you’ll be in Tokyo, you can get the Suica IC card here. If you’ll explore Osaka, check out the price of ICOCA IC Card here.

Final Note

For visa applications, the objective is to show that you have strong ties in the Philippines, have plans on returning, and are financially able to fund your trip. If you are unable to prove all of these at the moment, you may want to proceed with your application at a later date (or when you have all the documents or change in circumstances) or write this cover letter that will explain more about your intentions and background.

Contact the Embassy

For inquiries on the visa application procedure, you may inquire from any of the designated travel agency or contact the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines through the following numbers:

  • Embassy of Japan in the Republic of the Philippines: +632 834-7514

  • Consular Office of Japan in Cebu: +63 32 231-7321 to 22

  • Consular Office of Japan in Davao: +63 82 221-3100

You may also email them at ryoji@ma.mofa.go.jp.

That’s all, folks!

All the best to your your Japan visa application! Don’t forget to like ManilaxSeoul on Facebook and Instagram for more #BEYONDManilaxSeoul updates on how to apply for a Japan visa with incomplete requirements!

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