Alive Museum & Dynamic Maze: Hyper Attractions in Seoul

Alive Museum & Dynamic Maze: Hyper Attractions in Seoul

These two Seoul attractions will keep your crew amused in the best way possible.

Image credit:    Alive Museum

Image credit: Alive Museum

The Rundown

  • Alive Museum will bring out the best in you and your Instagram feed.

  • Dynamic Maze will test friendships and bonds in a manner that's incredibly exhilarating.

  • Don't let other people have all the fun.

  • Tickets for each attraction cost ₩12,000 (around ₱580 or $11) per head. If you'll visit both the museum and maze, you can get a package pass for only ₩18,000 (around ₱1,126 or $21).

  • For your convenience, booking instructions are found below.

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Realm of the Absurd

Dynamic Maze Insadong. Image credit: Discover Seoul Pass

If you want a truly unforgettable South Korea trip with your partner, friends, or family, you should visit these two unique attractions: Alive Museum and Dynamic Maze. These two sites offer an out-of-the-box experience whereby everyone gets to try the most peculiar things and just be crazy.

To give you a quick background, the museum and maze are developed by Creative Tong, which is a company that prides itself as the #1 Global Creative Contents Group. This means that they do one thing excellently: to play with their visitors' imagination in a very dramatic way. Their concepts had become so popular that they've expanded their business in China, Singapore, and Indonesia (among others), and they even have plans of opening a zoo and an aquarium in the future. 

Image credit: Alive Museum

Creative Tong's top attraction is the Alive Museum, which is a temple of optical illusion art. It houses artistic and curious exhibits, which are meant to be felt, inspected, and snapped. The idea is for you to interact with the displays and strike a pose as if you're a part of it. Only in your photos will you discover the undying magic of the place.

Just a few minutes away from the museum is the Dynamic Maze. Here your group will be locked inside an expansive maze where you're supposed to carry out ridiculous and unpredictable tasks in order to get out. Please note that the site is not injury-proof, so there is no guarantee that your crew will make your escape unscathed. #takeonthechallenge

Alive Museum Insadong

Filled with over a hundred interactive art pieces and digital displays, you're sure to be transported to the most curious, exciting, and awkward places. Be sure to get your phones and cameras ready; Alive Museum is a photo buffet!

Image credit: Alive Museum

Dynamic Maze Insadong

Dynamic Maze has multiple locations in South Korea, and each one has an episode or level to beat. In Insadong, you will get to play the Episode 1 called Haetae's Attack. As the title suggests, the mission requires solving the mystery puzzles of legendary Haetae, a mythical lion-like creature often associated with justice.

Image credit: Discover Seoul Pass

Are you ready to get in the maze? 


OPTION 1: Buy a Ticket for Alive Museum

  • PRICE: ₱580 or $11, if not discounted!

  • One-day admission to Alive Museum only

OPTION 2: Buy a Ticket for Dynamic Maze

  • PRICE: ₱580 or $11, if not discounted!

  • One-day admission to Dynamic Maze only

  • There is a minimum admission requirement of 2 persons.

OPTION 3: Buy a Dual-Pass for Alive Museum and Dynamic Maze

  • PRICE: ₱1,126 or $21, if not discounted!

  • One-day admission to both Alive Museum and Dynamic Maze

  • For Dynamic Maze, there is a minimum admission requirement of 2 persons.

OPTION 4: Get a Discover Seoul Pass

  • PRICE: ₱1,941 (24hr Pass) and ₱2,657 (48hr Pass), if not discounted!

  • With Discover Seoul Pass, you will get free admission to Alive Museum and 20+ more locations!

  • You will also get an automatic discount of ₱145 or $2.8 when you present your Discover Seoul Pass upon offline (over-the-counter) purchase of a Dynamic Maze ticket.

  • Discover Seoul Pass also works as a T-Money Card so you don't have to buy one.

  • For more information, read these articles about Discover Seoul Pass and T-Money.

If you don't have a Klook account yet, you're in luck! You can get a discount if you sign up and book using my referral link. Click the button below to create an account!


  • Make sure your phone and cameras are fully charged! (To know more about sockets and charging in South Korea, read our guide here.)

  • When visiting these two attractions, take your partner, friends, and/or family. If you're a solo traveler, find someone from your hostel whom you can tag along with! Taking a selfie in Alive Museum will not be as fun and fulfilling.

  • For Dynamic Maze Insadong:

    • Minimum 2 persons are required to gain admission. Haetae is too strong for any individual!

    • There's also a minimum height requirement of 3 ft and 6 in (110cm).

    • Children aged 12 and below must be accompanied by an adult.

    • Wear pants!

    • You will not be able to reserve the time for your visit. Everyone must wait in line, especially on weekends.

    • Ticket is for one-time use only. Re-entering is not allowed.

    • No food, drinks, or pets allowed inside.

    • Dynamic Maze may close earlier than the usual time, depending on visitor turnout/unexpected circumstances (Haetae needs to rest too!)

Schedule, Location, and Fees

Alive Museum. Image credit: Discover Seoul Pass

Both the museum and maze are located in Insadong, which is a known culture district and tourist attraction in Seoul.


Alive Museum
B1-2 floors, Daeil building, Insadong street 12, Jongno-gu, Seoul

  • By Subway (Line 1, Blue): Get off at Jonggak Station Exit no. 3. Turn left at Geumgangjehwa Intersection and head on straight for 300m. The museum is located on the right.

  • By Subway (Line 3, Orange): Get off at Anguk Station and take Exit no. 6. Walk straight for 150m on the one-way street of Insadong.

  • By Bus (Approaching Anguk Station)

    • Green Bus: 1012, 7025

    • Blue Bus: 109, 151, 162, 171, 172, 272, 601

    • Red Bus: 601-1 (Airport Limousine)

  • By Bus (Approaching Jonggak Station)

    • Green Bus: 0212, 1016

    • Blue Bus: 100, 143, 150, 160, 161, 200, 262, 271, 300, 370, 470, 471, 601, 705, 720

    • Red Bus: 9301, 9402, 9411

Dynamic Maze
B1, Jongro-Gu, Insadong-Gil 12, Daeil Building, Seoul

Operating Hours

Alive Museum & Dynamic Maze
9am-8:30pm, open year-round!
Last admission: 7:30pm

Offline Admission Fees

Alive Museum & Dynamic Maze

  • Adults & Children: ₩12,000 or around ₱580 & $11

  • 0-3 years old: FREE

  • Group of 20 or more: 10% Discount

Click on the following to check the (discounted) rates offered by Klook: Discover Seoul Pass, Alive Museum, and Dynamic Maze.

Ideal Length of Tour

1 hour for each attraction.


Alive Museum & Dynamic Maze
Call 1544-8506 or check out Alive Museum's website here and Dynamic Maze's website here.

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