Klook is Giving ₱1,000 Off of Your Next Booking

Klook is Giving ₱1,000 Off of Your Next Booking

With a minimum purchase of ₱10,000, you can get ₱1,000 off your next Klook booking.


The Rundown

  • I thought my purchase wasn’t going to exceed ₱10,000, but it did.

  • To lessen the cost, I used Klook’s promo code 'NORULES,' and so can you.

  • For a minimum purchase of ₱10,000, you can get ₱1,000 off.

  • Spend at least ₱12,500 and get a generous discount of ₱2,000.

  • From June 14-20, use Klook promo code <NORULESKR> to get ₱350 off of any Korea activity. This applies with a minimum purchase of ₱5,000.

  • This promo is for Klook's Filipino users only.

  • For your convenience, booking links are provided below.

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UPDATE: Jan. 1, 2019

This Klook promo code is expired! If you’re looking for valid ones, we came up with a list that we regularly update. Click on the button below to see the list. 😊

👉 4G KT Olleh South Korea Pocket Wifi
👉 4G/LTE KT Olleh South Korea SIM Card
👉 N Seoul Tower Observatory Tickets

What Went Down

I went to South Korea late last year and didn’t do much. Since I work remotely, I thought of bringing my work to Seoul with only two things in mind: get out of the Manila hubbub and be productive somewhere else. The idea excited me, until I arrived in Korea and had to fight my wanderlust. I wish I could share some interesting stories from this trip, but there’s really nothing to talk about, save for working 9-5, hopping in and out of cafés, some strolling here and there, and consuming all sorts of street food in Myeongdong. This trip, at best, was just an extraordinary working week for me, so I knew I had to come back sooner or later to discover more of South Korea. 

And come back I did. Early this May, I returned to South Korea for a 10-day trip, one that required tons of walking, exploring, and draining my phone from heavy usage of the camera. After working almost nonstop in the past months, I was able to save money for my multi-city adventure. My itinerary was straightforward: visit as many attractions as possible in Seoul, capture Daegu’s charm, and clear my head in Busan.

The trip was beyond fulfilling, and I’ll share more about it in the next few weeks. But what I want to highlight at this point is how I saved some money, which is what travelers like you care more about:


Royal Guard Changing Ceremony at Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Royal Guard Changing Ceremony at Gyeongbokgung Palace.

First thing first, here are some of the essential items I bought for my trip:

1. Data SIM Card

It’s a no-brainer. If you’re in a foreign land, finding your way and staying active on social media is so much easier if you have your own local SIM. The one I got gave me unlimited data and a stable connection wherever I went. (It’s also what I bought last year.)

To know more about this SIM, read: Stay Connected with a 4G LTE KT Olleh SIM Card

2. Discover Seoul Pass

Instead of buying individual admission tickets to different historical and cultural attractions in Seoul, I purchased this 48-hour all-access card that many travelers recommend. Out of the 35 attractions it currently offers, I was able to visit 9 in two days! It was super worth it.

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3. DMZ Tour Package + Lunch

I booked this tour right after the historic meeting of the two Korean presidents. I just felt like I should.

4. Korail Pass

This was one of the best decisions I made in this trip. I availed the Korail Pass because buying individual train tickets for Seoul-Daejeon, Daejeon-Daegu, Daegu-Busan, and Busan-Seoul is so much more expensive! 

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Here’s the cost breakdown: (Note that I was able to get discounted prices for some items prior to applying the NORULES Klook promo code,)

Screenshot of my in-app transaction. (I edited the photo to conceal the order number.)

Screenshot of my in-app transaction. (I edited the photo to conceal the order number.)

  • 10-day Data SIM Card: ₱1,661 (usually costs ₱1,881)

  • 48-hour Discover Seoul Pass: ₱2,421 (usually costs ₱2,687)

  • DMZ Tour with Lunch: ₱2,663 (usually costs ₱2,687)

  • 3-Day Korail Pass (Youth): ₱4,096

TOTAL: ₱10,841.00
CREDITS (earned from previous bookings): ₱134.2
FINAL PAYABLE AMOUNT: ₱9,706.8 ($188.04)

Using the Klook Promo Code

Image credit: Klook

I found out about the promo code last minute, so it was a welcome surprise. Here’s how you can get ₱1,000 off too:

  • Finalize your itinerary before June ends!

  • Select the items you want to purchase from Klook.

  • Input the promo code NORULES upon checkout.


Until June 20, 2018, you can get a discount of ₱350 for all Korea activities if you spend at least ₱5,000 on your booking. Simply use the Klook promo code <NORULESKR> upon checkout. 


ITEM 1: 4G LTE SIM Card (KR Airport Pick Up) for Korea

  • KT Olleh SIM card (nano/micro/normal size)

  • Unlimited 4G/LTE data connection (with no reduction of speed)

  • 1, 5, 10, or 30-day validity

  • Free incoming voice calls and text messages

ITEM 2: Discover Seoul Pass

  • One (1) Discover Seoul Pass (with built-in T-Money transportation card function)

  • Free entrance to over 35 tourist attractions + discounted admissions to 30 more tourist attractions

  • Valid for 24, 48, or 72 hours

ITEM 3: DMZ Tour

  • Inclusive of English-speaking guide, hotel pick-up, admission fees, AC transportation

  • Package with lunch also available

ITEM 4: Korail Pass

  • Take unlimited rides on most Korail trains for 1, 3, 5, 7 or any flexible 2 and 4 days.

  • Discover South Korea by traveling on over 80 routes and 600 stations.

  • Enjoy a discount that is only available for foreign nationals.

  • Take advantage of additional discounts on accommodation and tourist attractions when you use your pass.

  • Save even more on child, youth, or group passes.


  • Get ₱1,000 off with a minimum purchase of ₱10,000, or get ₱2,000 off with a minimum purchase of ₱12,500!

  • Promotion expires after June 30, 2018.

  • Valid for bookings made via Klook's website and mobile app using promo code NORULES upon checkout.

  • Promo code is valid for any Klook activity.

  • Each user can only use the promo code once.

  • Promo code is valid for Filipino users only.

  • Prices listed may be subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes where applicable.


To view the complete mechanics, visit Klook’s website here.

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