5 Destinations of 'Peace' Named Amid Improving Inter-Korean Ties

5 Destinations of 'Peace' Named Amid Improving Inter-Korean Ties

These peace-themed destinations will let you see the people’s hope for peace in the Korean peninsula.

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The Rundown

  • In light of the improving ties between North and South Korea, the Korea Tourism Organization named five destinations of peace for tourists to visit.

  • The ‘peace-themed destinations’ aim to show travelers the bitter history of the two Koreas as well as the hope for better relations.

  • Three of the peace destinations are found in Gangwon-do.

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Top Peace-themed Destinations in Korea

With the two Korean governments taking strides in solidifying peace this year — a shocking progress received with delight by most — the Korea Tourism Organization has selected peace-themed destinations that will symbolize two things: the painful past shared by the two lands and a hope to finally stop the tense war. The selected destinations look notably serene and beautiful, with the green surrounds guaranteed to take over any traveler’s senses. However, each place also keeps dramatic tales of separation, which make them more significant in the ongoing process of reunification.

Below are the peace destinations and attractions in Korea that you can visit, as recommended by the KTO:

1. Ganghwa Peace Observatory

Ganghwa Peace Observatory gives tourists a peek of the famously secretive country of North Korea. The place not only provides satisfying views of Yeseong River and Ganghwa-gun’s surroundings, but also of North Korea’s mountains and grass fields through the use of high-quality binoculars.

Those who visit Ganghwa Peace Observatory will get access to photographs of the Korean war (1950-1953), military-related exhibits, as well as the wishing wall for unification.

Image credit: Korea Tourism Organization

Plan your trip to Ganghwa Peace Observatory:

  • Operating hours: 9am-6pm (March-November) and 9am-5pm (December-February). Ganghwa Peace Observatory is open all year round

  • Address: 797, Jeongmang-daero, Yangsa-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon (인천광역시 강화군 양사면 전망대로 797)

  • Ticket Prices:

    • ADULTS: ₩2,500 (around ₱120 or $2.2)

    • TEENS: ₩1,700 (around ₱82 or $1.5)

    • CHILDREN: ₩1,000 (around ₱48 or $0.9)

  • Inquiries: Call +82-32-930-7062 (Korean only)

2. Imjingak Pyeonghoa-Nuri

Image Credit:  EasyTourChina

Image Credit: EasyTourChina

The Imjingak Pyeonghoa-Nuri or Imjingak Resort was built in the 70’s in the hope that peace would settle in the Korean peninsula. This attraction in Korea houses artistic displays, monuments, war vessels, and an awe-striking park.

According to KTO’s guide, Imjingak Resort is located across the ‘Mangbaedan Altar’ and the ‘Bridge of Freedom,’ which precisely are the points of separation for many family members.

Events to call for unification are being held in and around Imjingak Pyeonghoa-Nuri every year.

Image credit: Korea Tourism Organization

Plan your trip to Imjingak Pyeonghoa-Nuri:

  • Operating hours: Open 24 hrs, all year round

  • Address: 148-33, Imjingak-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do (경기도 파주시 문산읍 임진각로 148-33)

  • Ticket Prices: Free admission

  • Inquiries: Call +82-31-953-6554 (Korean only)

3. Cheorwon Korean Workers’ Party Headquarters

The Cheorwon Korean Workers’ Party Headquarters in Gangwon-do was the nucleus of the Labor Party in 1946, until it faced its destruction during the Korean war. A lot of lives have been sacrificed in this place, making it a memorial ground for the locals.

The facade of the Headquarters is still intact, however it won’t be long for tourists to feel the eeriness of this Korean attraction as they approach what’s left of it.

Cheorwon Korean Workers' Party Headquarters is a registered Cultural Heritage in South Korea.

Image credit: Korea Tourism Organization

Plan your trip to Cheorwon Korean Workers’ Party Headquarters:

  • Operating hours: Open 24 hrs, all year round

  • Address: 265, Geumgangsan-ro, Cheorwon-eup, Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do (강원도 철원군 철원읍 금강산로 265)

  • Ticket Prices: Free admission

  • Inquiries: Visit their website

4. Dutayeon Falls

As mapped by the KTO, the Dutayeon Falls “is located on a branch of the Suip Stream that flows through Geonsol-ri, Bangsan-myeon, which is north of the Civilian Control Line.” This natural attraction in Korea is situated near tense points of the two countries, yet still remains to hold its stillness and beauty. Many species considered to be endangered may be found in Dutayeon Falls.

Image credit: Korea Tourism Organization

Plan your trip to Dutayeon Falls:

  • Operating hours: 9am-5pm (March-October) and 9am-4pm (November-February). Dutayeon Falls is closed on Monday’s, Lunar New Year’s Day, and Korean Thanksgiving Day

  • Address: 1024, Gobangsan-ri, Bangsan-myeon, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do (강원도 양구군 방산면 고방산리 1024)

  • Ticket Prices:

    • ADULTS: ₩3,000 (around ₱145 or $2.7)

    • CHILDREN: ₩1,500 (around ₱72 or $1.4)

  • Inquiries: Visit this website

5. Goseong Unification Observatory

Goseong Unification Observatory provides a sweeping view of the Geumgangsan Mountain in North Korea. This viewing deck and attraction was built by the army in 1983 and gives a glimpse of nearby islands and mountain peaks, including Ilchulbong, Chaehabong, and Oknyeobong. Similar to other peace-destinations listed in this Korean travel guide, Goseong Unification Observatory also has monuments that aim to promote reunification.

Image credit: Korea Tourism Organization

Plan your trip to Goseong Unification Observatory:

  • Admission hours: 

    • March 1-July 14: 9am-4:20pm

    • July 15-August 20: 9am-5:30pm

    • August 21-October 31: 9am-4:20pm

    • November 1–February 28: 9am-3:5opm

  • Address: Geumgangsan-ro, Hyeonnae-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do (강원도 고성군 현내면 금강산로 481)

  • Ticket Prices:

    • ADULTS: ₩3,000 (around ₱145 or $2.7)

    • CHILDREN: ₩1,500 (around ₱72 or $1.4)

  • Inquiries: Visit this website


  • Visitors of Ganghwa Peace Museum in Korea must stop by the security point before admission.

  • Visitors of Dutayeon Falls and/or Goseong Unification Observatory must stop by the security point to complete registration process before admission. Bring your passport in both attractions for identification.

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  • For more information on visiting Korea, check out our BASICS section.

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