Big Bang's Seungri to Retire from Entertainment Scene

Big Bang's Seungri to Retire from Entertainment Scene

After facing several serious allegations and criticisms the past few weeks, Lee Seung Hyun or Seungri of Big Bang has called it quits.

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The Rundown

  • In an Instagram post published on March 11, 2019, Seungri says that it would be best for him to retire from the entertainment industry following the allegations and criticisms he’s received in the past few weeks.

  • Seungri is implicated in scandals relating to sex bribery and police corruption.

  • Big Bang’s G-Dragon was also recently in the news for military-related controversies.

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Seungri Announces Retirement

In his Instagram account @seungriseyo, Seungri or Lee Seung Hyun of Korean boyband Big Bang announced his intention to retire from the industry. The post was published on March 11, 2019.

Following is the content of Seungri’s Instagram feed note:

Post taken from @seungriseyo

Online news site Soompi has the following translation of Seungri’s retirement post:

This is Seungri.

At this point, I think it would be best if I retire from the entertainment industry. I decided on retiring from the entertainment industry as the issues that I caused a societal disturbance with are too major. Regarding the issues that are being investigated, I will be investigated diligently and reveal all the suspicions.

Receiving criticism and hate from the public for the past month and a half and with the situation of all the investigative agencies in the country currently investigating me, I am even being cornered as a traitor of the nation. I personally cannot tolerate causing harm to everyone around me in order to save myself.

I sincerely thank all of the fans in and outside of Korea who have given me lots of love for the past 10 years, and I think this is where I stop even if it’s at least [to protect] the honor of YG and BIGBANG.

Again, I am sorry and apologize once again.

I have been thankful to everyone until now.

You can view the full report of Soompi here.

Seungri’s Scandals

Seungri has been recently implicated in several scandals. The 29-year-old star was reported to be allegedly involved in sex bribery, police corruption, drugs, and prostitution.

Seungri is expected to start his military service on March 25, 2019, as reported on March 8, 2019 by The Korea Herald here.

G-Dragon of the same Korean boyband Big Bang had also faced some issues this year, as reported by The Korea Times here.


Here are some tweets following Seungri’s announcement of his retirement from his Instagram account:

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