Charlie Puth Tweets Golden Maknae: "[Jungkook] look"

Charlie Puth Tweets Golden Maknae: "[Jungkook] look"

Yes, they still 'talk.'


The Rundown

  • On July 9, Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) shared his new music video 'The Way I Am' on Twitter with Jungkook getting a special mention.

  • Fans, similar to last year's exchange, took notice and most appreciated the gesture.

  • We hope the growing fondness leads to an epic collaboration.

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'Jungcook' covers Charlie Puth

When Jungkook released a cover of 'We Don't Talk Anymore' in 2017, no less than Charlie Puth took notice and showed him some love. The American singer expressed his admiration on Twitter — "Love this Jungcook" — albeit misspelling Kookie's name. Many fans were thrilled to see the musicians beginning to engage on Twitter, and they were not let down when Puth tweets a second time how he 'really likes BTS's music.' (And, yes, BTS returned the love.)

Puth x Jungkook 2018

Recently, Charlie Puth posted his latest music video on Twitter, with the caption 'jungkook look'.

Many think that this was Puth's way of personally showing his latest audio-visual offering to Jungkook, who mentioned in a June 2018 interview that 'The Way I Am' is his favorite track to play when he's traveling.

As of writing, Jungkook has not yet responded on the shout-out. But when he does, we believe it will be so cosmic. (But not as epic when they finally collab!)


Currently trending at #37 on Youtube, here's Charlie Puth's 'The Way I Am'!

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