LOOK BACK: I Am Not a Robot (Part 1)

LOOK BACK: I Am Not a Robot (Part 1)

Relive the beginnings of Kim Min Kyu and Jo Ji Ah's story!

Source: Erzeki Korea

The Rundown

  • When his parents died, Kim Min Kyu developed a 'human' allergy that forced him to live in isolation for more than two decades.

  • Jo Ji Ah pretends to be a robot and enters the life of arrogant Min Kyu.

  • In this snippet, let's revisit the time when Kim Min Kyu finally breaks free and gets intimate with the world.

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 1. When they both meet and startle each other:


2. Clueless Min Kyu insisted on touching the 'robot's' body and immediately gets a scolding:


3. Min Kyu testing his robot's wits:

Oh, and that smile, too. ðŸ˜


4. Here we see Min Kyu touching Ji Ah, and nothing happens.


5. Min Kyu opens up about his lonely childhood, and Ji Ah begins to feel for him...


6. ...then he holds her hand. ðŸ˜


7. Socially awkward Min Kyu learning how to act around 'girls' for his date with Ye Ri El...at Ji Ah's expense.

Good job, Sun Hye!


8. Ji Ah takes Min Kyu out to Gyeongui Line Forest Park, where he gets real intimate with the world without suffering the consequences.

Didn't you feel so happy for him?!

9. Then they go on a date, but not really! â¤â¤

By the end of this scene, Min Kyu realizes that being around Aji 3 is the cure to his disease. Aw.


10. Then the storyline bursts our bubble. (Yeah, a person as brilliant as Kim Min Kyu can't possibly be in love with a robot. So he goes for Ri El instead.)

Poor Ji Ah had to watch this!


11. But at the end of the day, the heart wants what it wants!

And we know Ji Ah's not pretending here! 💖


  • Have you seen this fun interview yet? If you haven't, then you should!


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