‘I Am Not a Robot’ Scenes That We Miss! (Part 2)

‘I Am Not a Robot’ Scenes That We Miss! (Part 2)

Relive these episodes of the K-drama ‘I Am Not a Robot’!

Source:  iMBC

Source: iMBC

The Rundown

  • In this K-Drama #LookBack, we see Kim Min Kyu fall in love with the person of Aji-3 (robot).

  • Ji Ah's feelings for Min Kyu also cultivates feelings for her master.

  • Both limited by their 'awkward' feelings and situation, they decide to let go of each other and get on with their own lives.

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1. Kim Min Kyu couldn't help the feels that came after he and Ji Ah kissed!

It must have been so sweet! 😘😘


2. What do you do when you see the person whom you're not supposed to kiss but did? Tell him you forgot about it!

A smart robot losing its memory, my foot! 👣


3. But sometimes, it's more than just the kiss.

It's about the spark the two people had, which shouldn't ever be denied. But what could Ji Ah really do at this point if she's supposed to play the part of a robot?

(Oh, that look on Yoo Seung Ho’s chracter’s face 😢.)


4. Ji Ah: 'I am not a robot.'

Still feeling very uneasy about the fact that he has feelings for a robot, Min Kyu turns to alcohol and speaks of his most intimate wish: that Aji-3 were human.

Ji Ah validates his despair and mutters to a drunk and unconscious Min Kyu, "I am not a robot."  (Cue sad music!)


5. With nowhere else to go, the two hit a wall. 

Things between Min Kyu and Ji Ah get rough the next day. At this point, Min Kyu feels so mad about the fact that he couldn't act on his feelings for a robot. He gets into an argument with Ji Ah, who feels as helpless and stuck.

Later on, Kim Min Kyu will try to get the hand of Ye Ri El for marriage, if only to escape the hellish situation he's in. 


6. With his feelings for a 'robot' getting the best of him, Aij-3's creator Hong Baek Kyun advises Min Kyu to let go.


7. And he does.

For the last time, Min Kyu takes his beloved Aji-3 out on a date before resetting it.


8. The real confession happens, and they let go.

Min Kyu gives Aji-3 a necklace and declares his love. Ji Ah thanks him  for the wonderful memories they've made and hopes Min Kyu would continue to live as a better person.

With his arms wrapped around Ji-Ah, Min Kyu performs the reset, knowing full well that things will never be the same between them again.


9. Then they embrace the pain.

'Cause letting go of the one you love is never easy.


10. Suddenly, she hears from him again.

Fulfilling 'Aji-3's' goodbye wish, Min Kyu tries to live as a changed man: someone open, brave, and carefree. Ji Ah, on the other hand, works nonstop so she can leave Korea, never to be seen by Min Kyu, whom she, in all fairness, duped.

On one occasion, Min Kyu calls his purchasing agent, who also happens to be Ji Ah. As soon as she picks up and hears his voice, she breaks down in tears.


11. Wish you were here.

Min Kyu lights up one of his lamps, and it only means one thing: he wishes Ji Ah were with him.

(The pair of heart lamps is Ji Ah's invention. It's made for people who are far apart and would want to stay connected to each other. If one person wants to tell the other, "I miss you!" or "I'm thinking  of you," he or she need only touch his lamp and automatically the other one would also light up, no matter the time or distance. Touching the lamps is a very creative way of expressing your desire to be with each other.)


  • Watch out for the last part!

  • If you feel a little down after reading this #lookback, here's a nice and light video to watch:

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