‘I Am Not a Robot’ Scenes That We Miss! (Part 3)

‘I Am Not a Robot’ Scenes That We Miss! (Part 3)

Relive the final episodes of the K-drama ‘I Am Not a Robot’!

Source:  iMBC

Source: iMBC

The Rundown

  • In this K-Drama #LookBack, we see Kim Min Kyu trying to ‘move on’ from Aji-3 and live as a changed man.

  • Meanwhile, Jo Ji Ah leaves Seoul to start life anew.

  • But destiny brings the two characters back together, for better or worse.

  • Let's take a look at what went down at the final episodes of ‘I Am Not a Robot’ o

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1. Sta. Maria team surprises Kim Min Kyu with dinner to cheer him up.



2. They play a game, and suddenly Aji-3 pops up in Min Kyu's head.

Just when Min Kyu thought that he’s already moved on.


3. Later on, their paths cross — almost.

'Cause what's meant to be is meant to be.


4. They even get to sit across each other, and Kim Min Kyu couldn't believe his eyes.

When you see your beloved robot looking so HUMAN.


5. Min Kyu didn't dare drop his gaze.

This got me so excited I had to watch it over and over.


6. Min Kyu drops his original schedule to follow the mysterious Aji-3 lookalike.


7. And he does so aggressively.


8. Ji Ah then calls her friends for help.

Should she tell him the truth of being his robot or prolong the lie?


9. In order to protect Min Kyu, Ji Ah treats him like a stranger (and stalker!).

To explain the resemblance between her and Aji-3, Ji Ah tells Min Kyu that she was hired by Sta. Maria team to become the model inspiration for the robot. (Can I just say that how Ji Ah's holding it in at this point is just amazing!)

10. Kim Min Kyu asks Ji Ah to be his friend.

It's the only thing he tries to achieve in this unexpected detour, but we know Ji Ah couldn't.


11. To help Ji Ah with her sticky situation, Sta. Maria Team comes to the rescue and picks up Min Kyu. He promises never to bother Ji Ah again.

Yeah, let's forget the fact that he's the director of the company. 😂


12. But like a teenager, Min Kyu runs away to find Ji Ah, if only to see her face one more time.

Before this scene, Ji Ah was crying her heart out, which proves that she too misses Min Kyu and that the encounter was't easy for her.


13. But what Min Kyu finds is something much more...


14. ...something that triggered his deadly allergies.

And Ji Ah blames herself.


15. Knowing he was lied to by the very people he trusted, Min Kyu reverts to his distrusting and unkind self and ignores Ji Ah.


16. But Ji Ah is determined to seek forgiveness no matter how long it takes.


17. But Min Kyu's heart closed and understandably so.

18. In his solitude, Min Kyu does some thinking and realizes that while Ji Ah lied to him, there may still be a part of her that was real.

Later on, he touches the heart lamp and reaches out to Ji Ah!


19.  That tiny benefit of the doubt was enough for them to talk things through...

20. ...and finally reconcile.


  • Here's a bonus GIF... a two-year jump to the storyline!

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