LOOK BACK: Miss Hammurabi

LOOK BACK: Miss Hammurabi

Miss Hammurabi is a Korean drama that stars Han Se Sang, Go Ara, and L of Korean boyband Infinite. The first episode aired on JTBC on May 2018.

Image credit:  JTBC

Image credit: JTBC

The Rundown

  • Miss Hammurabi is a legal-themed K-drama that revolves around South Korea’s judiciary system. By narrating stories behind civil and criminal law suits, viewers will feel inspired by the passion of the new blood, collective action for change, and budding romances that’s subtle but skindeep.

  • This Korean drama features Park Cha Oh Reum, who is a newly appointed judge who shakes up the court before even stepping on it.

  • Miss Hammurabi's prominent themes revolve around duty, passion, principles, and love between clashing personalities.

  • This K-drama was written by a real-life judge from Seoul Eastern District Court.

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Miss Hammurabi

Image credit:  JTBC

Image credit: JTBC

Miss Hammurabi (or 미스 함무라비) is a JTBC Korean drama that stars Han Se Sang, Go Ara, and Kim Myeong Su (aka L of Infinite), who play the roles of Sung Dong-il, Park Cha Oh Reum, and Im Ba Reun. The K-drama’s first episode aired on May 2018 and has 16 episodes in total. Miss Hammurabi is currently available on Netflix.

Miss Hammurabi: Synopsis

Screengrab from  JTBC Youtube Channel

Screengrab from JTBC Youtube Channel

Here is the synopsis of Miss Hammurabi as extracted from the Korean drama’s Netflix’ official page:

An ardent, empathetic courtroom judge (Park Cha Oh Reum played by Go Ara) partners with a fellow rookie (Im Ba Reun as portrayed by Kim Myeong Su), a principled man of integrity, to negotiate the legal system and those they serve.

Miss Hammurabi: Cast

Here are the actors that comprise the K-drama Miss Hammurabi:

  1. Go Ara as Park Cha Oh Reum

  2. Kim Myeong Su as Im Ba Reun

  3. Sung Dong Il as Han Se Sang

  4. Ryu Deok Hwan as Jung Bo Wang

  5. Lee Elijah as Lee Do Yeon

Miss Hammurabi: Episode Highlights

Here are some of Miss Hammurabi episodes and scene highlights for you to see (or watch again!):

Miss Hammurabi EP. 1

Miss Hammurabi EP. 2

Miss Hammurabi EP. 3

Miss Hammurabi EP. 4

Miss Hammurabi EP. 5

Miss Hammurabi EP. 6

Miss Hammurabi EP. 7

Miss Hammurabi EP. 8

Miss Hammurabi EP. 9

Miss Hammurabi EP. 10

Miss Hammurabi EP. 11

Miss Hammurabi EP. 12

Miss Hammurabi EP. 13

Miss Hammurabi EP. 14

Miss Hammurabi EP. 15

Miss Hammurabi EP. 16

Why You’ll Love ‘Miss Hammurabi’

  • See Kim Myeong Su take the lead like never before.

  • Go Ara fleshes out a stubborn yet inspiring character excellently.

  • Sung Dong Il’s arc in Miss Hammurabi brings out the fuzzy feels.

  • You’ll fall in love with Lee Elijah and Ryu Deok Hwan!


Memorable Quote from Miss Hammurabi

Here’s a line from this K-drama that touched us!

Don’t be discouraged. The train continues along the track no matter how many mutts bark at it
— Han Se Sang

Miss Hammurabi OST

Our favorite track from the Korean drama Miss Hammurabi is Someday, Somehow:

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