PRICE WATCH: Korea Travel Essentials

PRICE WATCH: Korea Travel Essentials

Tick off the must-have items in your South Korea trip checklist.

The Rundown

  • Visit Korea without hurting your bank! Check out the discounted rates of the following Korea Travel Essentials offered by Klook below.

  • Price displays are in PHP and USD, which are updated automatically and regularly.

  • Budget for your Korea trip well!

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Korea Travel Checklist

Pack the essentials for your Korea tour. Get your unlimited data sim, KT Olleh Wifi egg, Discover Seoul Pass, and more at a lower price! (If you don't have a Klook account yet, register using my referral code WDNG1 to get a discount on your first purchase.)

1. 4G LTE KT Olleh Unlimited Data SIM Card

You'd need a Korea SIM Card to find your way and stay connected. KT Olleh through Klook offers the following discounted unlimited data SIM packages for 1, 5, 10, and 30 days.

For the full guide on purchasing, redeeming, installing, and using the KT Olleh unlimited data SIM, also read: Stay Connected with a 4G LTE KT Olleh SIM Card

2. 4G KT Olleh Wifi Egg

If you're traveling with your partner, friends or family, you can opt to rent a KT Olleh Wifi Egg for your Korea tour. You can connect up to three (3) devices on this Korea Wifi rental device and choose the number of days you'd want to rent it for.

(Rates shown are the daily rental fee.)

Take note! You'd need to have a credit card to pay for the deposit when you redeem your Wifi rental device in Korea. For more information, read: Everyone's Connected with the KT Olleh 4G Portable WiFi Egg

3. 4G WIDEMOBILE WiFi Device Rental

If you are traveling with a larger group or are looking for an alternative to the KT Olleh Wifi Egg, you can also rent the WIDEMOBILE Korea Wifi device (or WIDEMOBILE Wifi Take-out). With this baby, you can connect up to five (5) devices!

(Rates shown are the daily rental fee.)

For more information about WIDEMOBILE Korea Wifi Rental devices, read more on their website here.

4. AREX Train One-way Ticket (Incheon Airport to Seoul Station or vice-versa)

You can purchase your one-way train ticket to Seoul from Incheon International Airport via Klook to score a discount. This is perfect if you're actually going straight to Seoul Station and wouldn't have to transfer to another line. (Otherwise, we'd recommend buying a T-Money card for a smooth journey via train, bus, or taxi!)

You can also opt to purchase this train ticket if you don't want to exchange your money to KRW in the airport (to pay for the fare). Conversion rates in Seoul Station are usually much better compared to Incheon's. To learn more about this, read: Converting Your Money to Korean Won

5. Korea Railplus Transportation Card

Speaking of T-Money, which is a popular cashless way of going around South Korea via bus, cab, or train, Klook also offers a similar product called the Korea Railplus Transporation Card. The beauty about availing this is that you get discounted rates for your fares. We haven't really tried this card yet, but since T-Money isn't available in Klook at the moment, you may opt to consider this product for your South Korea tour instead.

The Korea Railplus Transporation Card may be used in Seoul, Daejeon, Gyeonggi-do, Busan, and Chungcheong-do. If you're more interested in T-Money, read: T-Money Your Way in Korea

6. Discover Seoul Pass

If you're looking to fill your South Korea itinerary with as many attractions to visit as possible, purchase a Discover Seoul Pass. With just this one card, you get free and automatic admission to at least 35 attractions in Seoul for 1, 2, or 3 days!

To see the places you can unlock with the Discover Seoul Pass, read our guide here.

7. Korail Pass

Explore Daegu, Daejeon, Busan, and other cities in South Korea using Korea Rail Pass (Korail Pass). If you want to save tons of money when you go from one city to another (i.e. Seoul to Busan), we suggest getting this pass from Klook instead of buying single-journey tickets over-the-counter or on Korail's website. (Note that the Korail Pass cannot be used for the subway network within the metro.)

For more tips on buying and using the Korail pass for your epic Korea tour, read: Korail Pass: Enjoy Nonstop Trips in South Korea

Visit Korea in Style

The following are some auxiliary services that you can book for your Korea trip:

1. KAL Limousine Bus

If you're set on going to Seoul city proper from Incheon Airport via bus, why not up your experience by riding the KAL Limousine Bus? Not only will you get more premium seating, you may also be dropped off directly to your destination (hotel, attraction, or subway station!).

To know more about the KAL Limousine Bus, read: Incheon to Seoul

2. Incheon Airport Transfer via Private Van

If you're traveling to Korea with a big group, get a private van for a hassle-free and comfortable experience. Perfect for groups of 4 or more (and those who don't travel light)!

3. Safex Airport Luggage Services 

If you'd like to skip the hotel check-in process and proceed to visiting Korea's attractions as soon as you reach Incheon or Gimpo, take advantage of the Safex Airport Luggage Services. By booking Safex, your luggage will be delivered straight to your hotel, which gives you a hands-free headstart to your Korea itinerary.

Here are the rates for the Safex Airport Luggage Services in Incheon:

If you're arriving from Gimpo International Airport, here are the rates for the Safex Airport Luggage Services:

As an alternative, you can also rent a subway locker. More information will also be found on our Incheon to Seoul travel guide.


  • With an unlimited data KT Olleh SIM card, you can use your phone as a mobile hotspot to connect your other devices easily.

  • KT Olleh SIM cards are very easy to redeem and install.

  • Wifi rental devices in Korea are subject to incidentals, which are not cheap!

  • All of the Korea travel essentials listed in this price watch may be availed offline or over-the-counter. The only downside of not buying your Korea SIM card, Wifi Egg, etc. is that you'd have to fill out some paperwork and you'll miss out on the discounts and promos offered by Klook.

  • Travel Korea on a budget! For more money-saving tips, read: Count the Cost: Budget Tips for Your South Korea Trip

More in your Korea trip itinerary?

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August 2018 Klook Promo Code: ₱200 Off Your Purchase