Easy-to-Book Day Tours in Seoul for First-Time Visitors

Easy-to-Book Day Tours in Seoul for First-Time Visitors

Have a memorable Seoul tour when you book the package that combines Han River & N Seoul Tower here.

The Rundown

  • If you’re looking for a DIY or a guided tour in Seoul that you can add to your itinerary, check out the recommendations that we have below.

  • You may want to consider buying a ticket for a sightseeing bus to cover as many popular attractions as possible. Go and check the ticket price here.

  • For other exciting ways to enjoy Korea, you may also want to do a tour of Seoul via this cruise or this walking tour!

  • To help you decide which ones to book, we’ve also provided some customer reviews below.

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Fun Sightseeing Seoul Tours to Book for Your Trip

Seoul is home to many world-class attractions and activity centers, and one of the better ways to experience them is by ditching the subway and/or private charter. If you’ll go to Itaewon or Myeongdong, why not ride a sightseeing bus that’ll let you see the panoramic corners of Seoul along the way? If you plan to visit Ehwa Woman’s University, why don’t you make your way to the stunning campus and shopping streets via bike? If this sounds interesting, read on to learn more about the unique and easy-to-book Seoul tours for your sightseeing pleasure!

1. Seoul Sightseeing Tour Bus

Screengrab from  Klook

Screengrab from Klook

Want to visit the top attractions in Seoul and save money on transportation? Booking this tour bus is the definitely way to go! Not only will it give you a nice panoramic view of the city (which, if you ask me, is an experience per se!), you also have the option to stop at the sites and actually explore them at your own pace. When you’re done with one attraction, you can simply hop on the next bus again and make your way to your next destination. This is really recommended for all types of travelers since it eliminates the hassle of planning the way from one stop to another.

🏷 TICKET PRICE of the Seoul City Sightseeing Tour Bus: around ₱850 or $16.4, if no discount is applied!

Some notes if you’re interested to get a ticket:

  • You get to select the route that you want to take, either the Downtown Palace or the Seoul Panorama course.

  • The Downtown Palace route covers Namdaemun Market, War Memorial of Korea, Itaewon, Myeongdong, and more!

  • The Seoul Panorama tour bus makes stops at Namsan Cable Car Station, 63 City, Hongik Univ., Ehwa Woman’s University, Gangnam Station, and more!

  • If you’re planning to go up the N Seoul Tower, you can also avail the Seoul Tour Bus Ticket + Namsan Cable Car ticket + N Seoul Tower Observatory admission ticket combo! Check here to see more details.

‘We took this bus for our first day in Seoul. It allows you to have a panoramic view all around the city, you can just hop on hop off everywhere you want and enjoy the whole day on bus without any surcharge. If this is your first time in Seoul, don’t miss this bus!!!’

Seoul tour bus: Review

2. Seoul Eland Han River Cruise

Perfect surprise for your date! Image credit:  Eland Cruise

Perfect surprise for your date! Image credit: Eland Cruise

If visiting Han River or Hangang Park is part of your Seoul tour plans, why not add on to the experience by riding a cruise that sails through this historic waterway in Korea? Aside from spending time at the recreational park that locals and tourists love to visit (especially on the weekends!), you can maximize your trip by having an Eland river cruise ride that’ll let you take in the cool day breeze of the city or the spectacular city view at night!

Eland Han River Cruise and Ashley Marine Buffet/Dinner Cruise Buffet in Seoul klook

Han River Cruise + Dinner Buffet

Image credit: Eland Cruise on Facebook

The nice thing about booking Eland Hangang cruise in Seoul is that you get to marvel at the sights of 63 building, N Seoul Tower, Banpodaegyo Bridge, Konghang Train Bridge, Jamsil Olympic Stadium, and the famous Yanghwa Bridge. If you’ll tour Seoul with a date, you may also opt to book the Hangang Fireworks & Live Music Cruise package or the one that comes with a dinner buffet for a memorable experience!

🏷 TICKET PRICE of the Seoul Eland Han River Cruise: starts at ₱665 or $12.8, if no discount is applied!

‘The cruise ride was timely. Ticket exchange was fuss free. The scenic route taken was breathtaking and the bridge lighting display was nice. You will also get to enjoy a live band performance onboard the cruise. Definitely a worthwhile experience!

3. Biking Tour in Seoul

Tour Seoul on wheels! Screengrab from  Klook

Tour Seoul on wheels! Screengrab from Klook

Got an extra day or half to tour Seoul? Why not spend it differently by booking this bicycle tour that’ll let you see Ehwa Woman’s University Street, Sinchon, Deoksugung, Gyeongbokgung, and the markets of Insadong? Aside from the thrill that comes from riding the bike, you’ll also get to hang out with a Korean buddy who’ll show you around the area and give you nice insider insights!

🏷 RATES of the Biking Tour in Seoul: around ₱1,950 or $37.5 for a half-day tour

‘Great way to see many parts of the city with a guide that shares with you everything about Seoul. He also provide fantastic food and activity recommendations and the rest of our days activity is well planned. Highly recommended activity.’

Seoul Bike Tour Review: Klook

4. Private 4-hour Seoul Tour with a Korean Guide

Tour Seoul with a local! Screengrab from  Klook

Tour Seoul with a local! Screengrab from Klook

Unlike the other options listed here that come with a set itinerary, this private 4-hour Seoul tour focuses on what you want and where you want to go. If you’re used to being a DIY traveler who makes all the plans, why not enrich your trip by bringing along a Korean guide who can share with you stories, backgrounders, and tips about the area? All you have to do is come up with a list of places or attractions that you want to visit and meet your Korean guide who can also recommend some side trips that you’d most likely be thankful for! (It doesn’t matter if you speak Chinese, English, or Japanese since the tour buddy that you’ll get will be able to speak your language.)

🏷 RATES of the Private 4-hour Seoul Tour with a Korean Guide: around ₱1,985 or $38.1

‘We had the best time with our guide Irene. Her english was very good and she gave us lots of background stories… she was very kind to take a lot of amazing photos for us, even directed us how to pose!… At the end of our tour we enjoyed a late lunch together at a Michelin Guided Dumpling restaurant, it was a perfect way to end the day…’

Private 4-hour Seoul Tour with a Korean Guide Review: Klook

5. Seoul Palaces, Temples, and Markets Tour

Focused tour of the iconic palaces in Seoul! Screengrab from  Klook

Focused tour of the iconic palaces in Seoul! Screengrab from Klook

First-time visitors to Korea are in for a delightful experience with this Seoul tour. Designed as a full-day immersion, this is perhaps the best introduction of the capital to any type of traveler. What I like about the Palaces, Markets, & Temples tour is that it combines all the pretty and popular sites in Seoul. The itinerary includes driving past Korea’s Blue House, witnessing of the Changing of the Guards Ceremony at Gyeongbokgung, visiting Jogyesa Buddhist Temple, having traditional bibimbap for lunch, and making stops at Insadong and Namdaemun Market.


Image credit: Ride Around the World

What’s more is that hotel pick-up and drop-off is included, which makes it even more convenient and worth your money!

🏷 RATES of the Seoul Palaces, Temples, and Markets Tour: around ₱3,350 or $65, if not discounted!

‘One of my favourite tours for Seoul. Very insightful and worth the money since most tours are more expensive and also it has hotel pick up. Guide was very friendly and patient… lunch provided was yummy and of standard and at convenient location…’

Seoul Palaces, Markets, and Temples tour review: Klook

More Seoul Tours



Now that you have an idea of the various ways you can tour Seoul — either via bus, bike, cruise, or with a Korean guide — you can check out more options that may be more suitable to your itinerary!



  • If you’ll book the Seoul Sightseeing Tour Bus, take note of the following:

    • Children aged 0-4 can ride for free on Routes A and B of the Seoul Sightseeing Tour Bus but only when accompanied by a paying adult.

    • Children must purchase youth tickets for the Seoul tour bus.

    • Youth ticket: for customers aged 5-19

    • Only one child can ride for free per paying adult. If there is more than one child, all children need to purchase adult tickets for the Seoul sightseeing tour bus.

    • The ticket guarantees unlimited bus rides

    • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the Seoul tour bus.

    • For those booking the Seoul Sightseeing Bus Tour and Namsan Cable Car and N Seoul Tower Admissions: children aged 0-3 can take part in the activity but only when accompanied by a paying adult. The N Seoul Tower ticket only includes the admission ticket and the elevator fee. The queueing time of cable car might be longer than 30 minutes during public holidays and in the evening, so please arrange your schedule earlier for a better experience.

    • Redemption Information for the Seoul City Sightseeing Bus: Koreana Hotel in front of main entrance. 8:50am-4:40pm (Tuesday-Sunday). Vouchers must be exchanged for your Seoul tour bus ticket at the ticket counter. Route B buses do not operate on Mondays. However if a public holiday falls on a Monday, the bus is available.

    • Redemption Information for the Namsan Cable Car ticket: 83 Sopa-ro, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. Open 10am-11pm, daily (hours may be extended on certain busy Fridays, Saturdays, and Holidays).

    • Redemption Information for the N Seoul Tower Ticket: Please redeem admission ticket with the QR code on your mobile voucher at the ticket office on the entry date at N Seoul Tower PLAZA 5/F (Observatory Deck Entrance). Sunday to Friday at 10am-11pm and Saturday at 10am-12am. Last ticket redemption time: 9:00pm. Last admission: 30 minutes before closing. Actual opening hours subject to weather conditions and operating schedule.

  • If you’ll book the Seoul Eland Han River Cruise:

    • You will receive confirmation of your booking's availability within 1 business day.

    • For those who will ride the Seoul Eland Hangang River Cruise: the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain Operating Hours will be as follows:

      • April to June: Weekdays at 12pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, and 9pm. Weekends at Weekends: 12pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, and 9pm.

      • July to August: Weekdays at 12pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, and 9pm. Weekends at 12pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, 9pm, and 9:30pm.

      • September to October: Weekdays at 12pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, and 9pm. Weekends at Weekends: 12pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, and 9pm.

    • If you’ll buy a ticket, note that Eland Hangang River Cruise will not operate if the water freezes in winter.

    • Children 0-2 years old do not require a Seoul Eland Hangang River Cruise ticket, but please remember to bring their passport for verification.

    • Please arrive 30 minutes early. Remember to present your passport and e-voucher to redeem your tickets. If you arrive late, you will not be refunded.

    • The hours of operation may be subject to change depending on particular circumstances on the day of the cruise, including special events or the newly enacted energy conservation policy

    • According to Korean law, all passengers are required to present proof of identity (original or photocopy of the passport) when traveling aboard the cruise, otherwise you cannot take the cruise. If you can’t take the ferry because you forgot to take your passport along with you, you will not be refunded

    • Seoul Eland Hangang River cruise address: Yeouido Dock: 290 Yeouidong-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 영등포구 여의동로 290번지). How to get there: Walk out from Yeouinaru Station (Seoul Subway Line 5) Exit 3, go towards Yeouido Dock (about 12 minutes), then you will see E-land Cruise ticket office.

  • If you’ll book the Biking Tour in Seoul:

    • The Seoul tour via Bike is only available in spring, summer, and fall.

    • Minimum of four (4) participants is required to book the bicycle tour in Seoul.

    • As an outdoor activity, the biking tour in Seoul requires good physical fitness. It is not recommended for participants who are under 18 years old.

    • Please be reminded to consider your fitness level as there will be slopes throughout the city.

    • Please purchase insurance before departure.

    • Tour operator of the Biking tour in Seoul will not be liable for accidents that may incur during the trip, including falls and collisions.

  • If you’ll book the Private 4-hour Seoul Tour with a Korean Guide:

    • Operating hours: 8:00am-9:00pm

    • An extra charge of KRW 15,000 per person per hour (group of 2-3)/KRW 10,000 per person per hour (group of 4 or more) is requested for any service out of operating hours.

    • If the activity's duration time includes 12:00pm-1:00pm or 7:00pm-8:00pm, you need to pay KRW10,000 on-site to your guide for the meal fee

    • If booking the Private 4-hour Seoul Tour with a Korean Guide, indicate your hotel address or preferred meet-up location upon check out.

    • Overtime charge: KRW15,000 per person per hour (group of 2-3)/KRW10,000 per person per hour (group of 4 or more).

    • A minimum of 2 participants is required for each booking of this Private Seoul tour with a Korean guide.

    • The Korean guide is strictly for sightseeing purposes only. If you want the guide to offer any other services involving business, medical, professional translation, or interpretation, extra costs will apply starting from KRW100,000. Please contact the local operator for more details

  • If you’ll book the Seoul Palaces, Temples, and Markets Tour:

    • Child ticket for the Seoul tour of the Palaces, Temples, and Markets: Age 2-10

    • Please note: hotel pick up service is available only for hotels in Seoul City

    • If you are a vegetarian, kindly indicate at checkout so vegetarian food may be prepared for you.

    • It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes when joining the Seoul tour of the Palaces, Temples, and Markets.

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